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Phone 2 Phone pay?

Phone2Phone pay in HankookNFC inc is a payment service using Samsung Pay. It is a simple payment app that can be used for small business owners, micro-merchants, delivery and visiting sales. With Phone2Phone pay, you can receive payment using Samsung F & EM Contactless card through Smartphone owned by Micro-merchants without a separate payment terminal.

Phone 2 Phone pay
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Phone 2 Phone pay Use cases

Due to the nature of the micro-merchants, Samsung Pay payment can be made through the installation of the app on the smartphone, which uses merchandise using Phone 2 Phone pay, which was only available for cash transactions.
Delivery and on-site sales
By eliminating the inconvenience of the payment and delivery method, which had to have a pre-payment or a separate payment terminal, Phone 2 Phone Pay, which does not require operation management, can reduce management costs and provide smooth payment service.
HankookNFC inc's Phone 2 Phone Pay App
One billion smartphones around the world
It is easy and safe to make POS terminal.