Easy payment, advertisement and event system using NFC Tag
Lotte Super, Timon Super Tag
The 'Super Tag' service for online order is a service that can shorten the viewing time by putting the items that are frequently purchased right into the shopping cart, omitting the application activation and the product search process. It will be very convenient for customers who repeat purchases of the same product.
Alarm Mon YG Winner, Hera Tag
This is a special tag service for customers using NFC. You can enjoy massive product and event promotions every day by accessing the tags on Android and iPhone. Turn on NFC and touch the tag and the cell phone !!

Easy Billing Process

NFC Tag Touch
Shopping mall app / web call
NFC Easy payment

NFC Tag - AD

Install NFC Tag in public space and place> NFC Tag touch> Event Page> This is an advertising platform service that offers event benefits.(Preparing)

N Button

Frequently used functions with one button OK! A sticker button with 2 buttons can be attached to the back of the smartphone, allowing you to quickly put your own various functions into each button.

N button
I can use this too ~